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Hank and Joe and Me (Mono)


[Verse 1]
In the desert where we searched for gold
The days are hot the nights are cold
Hank and Joe and me walked on
So bold and brave and free
For days and days we fought the heat
I got so thirsty and I got so weak
And when I fell because I couldn’t go
I heard Hank say to Joe

He’s dying
(Dying dying)
For water
Hear him crying
(Crying crying)
For water

[Verse 2]
Well lay him down in the dust and sand he said
Joe you know he’s a dying man
Leave him there and let him die
I can’t stand to hear him cry for water
I don’t remember how long I lay
But when I awoke it was the break of day
Buzzards circled miles ahead
I knew Hank and Joe were dead
My eyes were dimmed but I could see
A bed of gold nuggets under me
Now I know that it won’t be long
Till they decorate my bones

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