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What Would I Dreamer Do (by The Jayhawks)


What would I dreamer do?
Rainbow it has its hue
Sea has long and it’s salted down
There are far too many clowns
Far too many carnivals

Some tell me be like me
No one’s like you, you see
Hiding your secret side
All the hungry fools have died
Like in the mysteries

Seems to me, to fix the things
I should fly on brazen wings
Passin’ by all that conforms
There’s no raincoat in the storm
And to hell with umbrellas

Put on a brand new suit
Have my straw hat and boots
Live the accepted normal life
Answer to how’s your wife and your children

Should I wait in my seat
Watching as a glutton eats

I may know no no other task
I won’t wait so please don’t ask
I’ll go do something

I don’t recall if any or what
Task or duty fell my lot
Songs are nothing but the same
Say the never listening
Music keeps playing

You have it all figured I guess
I’m confused as all the rest
But I won’t live 8 to 5
Are the 8 to 5 alive
Even on the weekends

I’ll walk down a lot of streets
Get up and go when I eat
Throw away the business suit
Drag mud on another man’s carpet

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