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That’s The Truth

From: Johnny 99


Saw a girl in Tampa I asked her for a date
She said baby I’m a sailor this thing better wait
I said I don’t believe you would you show me some proof
She showed me her tattoo then I knew that that’s the truth
Met a woman on a highway by the exit sign
You’d bet your last dollar that she was forty-nine
But she swored to me that she was still in her youth
When I turned down the lights I knew that that’s the truth
Had a girl on the border I guess she was shy
Never spoke a word in years not even hi
But one night she said honey we’re going to raise the roof
She put on some dancing shoes then I knew that that’s the truth
I knew a preacher’s daughter in fact I knew her well
He said son you better ramble unless you’ve got something to sell
It’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
He pulled out a fourty-four now I know that that’s the truth
That’s the truth

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