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Straight A’s In Love


[Verse 1]
Well a reading and a writing and arithmetic never did get through to me
It isn’t because I’m square or thick because I learned my ABC’s
But when I graduated from the grammar school and I moved one grade above
I began to be a snook at books but I made straight A’s in love

Now the teacher would say to learn your algebra but I’d bring name C’s and D’s
How could I make an A when there’s a swinging maid
On the left and on the right and in the back and the front of me
Oh my grades are low on my card I know but they oughta give me one above
If I made a mark for learning in the dark I’d have straight A’s in love

[Verse 2]
Now in my senior year with graduation near I did my homework every night
And when my mama said I oughta go to bed I’d turn out all the lights
But my sweetie pie was waiting right outside she’d be a cooing like a dove
Though I did my best I failed semester test but I made straight A’s in love

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