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Spirit Rider (by Jamey Johnson)


On a moonbeam there might come a spirit rider
Who’ll be watching for a flickering in the gloom
He will put a feeler out for love and welcome
And he just might cast a shadow across your room

I will scent out any evidence of danger
I will taste the air around my sugar shack
If my heart knows you won’t treat it like a stranger
And if the fire is lit
I’ll be ridin’ back.

Before you know it you will see a sprit rider
Cut me off, babe, and I’ll be gone
I will mount my Hi-Yo and I will ride off, ma’am
And I’ll go on (and on and on) and on and on
The lies you laid in one ear will blow out the other
Let a storm rage round me on my outward tack
If I hear bluebirds I won’t go any farther
And if the sky gets clear
I’ll be ridin’ back

I will ramble, drift and range and you’ll be walkin’
Around the imaginary things up on the floor
Walkin’ circles round the reasons that have vanished
You’ll forget what doesn’t matter anymore
You might get a glimpse of me off in the distance
If you cry out I might hear you on the wind
And if the mountains echo your love to me
Wave your heart and
I’ll be riding back again

Wave your heart and
I’ll be riding back again

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