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Saturday Night In Hickman County


When the sun goes down in Nashville go out that Memphis highway
Between Centerville and Dickson on the gravel roads and byways
They’ll be runnin’ off the shine that will be bringin’ in the bounty
Saturday night in Hickman County

At the beer joint on the black top country music’s playin’ steady
And the workin’ men are drinkin’ and they’re rough and they are ready
And the girl behind the counter who has all the boys a buzzin’
Will be leavin’ with her husband Saturday night in Hickman County

Down upon the Piney River parked beside the pretty water
In the backseat of a Chevy is your next door neighbor’s daughter
They have split up into pairs the four that went off datin’ double
Gettin’ that po’ girl into trouble Saturday night in Hickman County

All the farmers in the valley will be sittin’ by the fire
Watch the late news on the TV then they’ll quietly retire
Thankful just to be a livin’ thankful that tomorrow’s Sunday
Sorry that the next day’s Monday Saturday night in Hickman County
Saturday night in Hickman County

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