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Mobile Bay

From: The Baron


[Verse 1]
We were gathered around the garbage can, passing around the bottle
We were cold and burning anything, that was dry enough to burn
A shaking man said he had left his family back in Boston
And I knew I’d hear a whole lot more, before it came my turn
A bearded man in his army coat said the answer boys is Jesus
The one called Joe, said all I know is isn’t January hell
One guy said let’s have a drink to Flagstaff Arizona
And I thought I might freeze to death before I’d get to tell

About Mobile Bay, magnolia blossoms, cool summer nights
Warm rolling seas, and all my dreams, somewhere I’d lost them
Mobile Bay, magnolia leaves, sweet Rosalee

[Verse 2]
The sun was barely coming up on the wrong side of Chicago
And I was cold and hungry and all the wine was gone
People passed and pointed, said, there’s another wino
They didn’t know that one more time my dreams would take me home


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