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Leave That Junk Alone


[Verse 1]
Well you come home feeling
For the knob on the door
You better pick up your feet
You’re going to fall on the floor
I keep on telling you
I’ll tell you some more

You better leave that
Junk alone
And drink water
Lord that liquor’s hot
Drink water
You don’t want to be a sot
You better lay down the bottle
And put on the top
And drink cool H20

[Verse 2]
Well your eyes are baggy
And bloodshot red
It’s been a week or two
Since you’ve been in bed
You better pay attention
Now to what I said


[Verse 3]
Well now I’ll forgive you
For your running around
If you just promise that
You’ve come unwound
I’ll buy you anything
You want in town


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