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Keep My Motor Running


Thank you folks
Thank you

Hey baby, I’ve been loving you since you were sweet sixteen
Best-lookin’ woman Jerry Lee’s ever seen
C’mon girl, you got my heart a-jamming
A-don’t you keep-a, keep-a, m-m-m-my motor running, let’s go
Tap it, tap it, slap it on the floor
Hey, you really got me humming
Don’t you keep my motor running

I just love to see the moon shinin’ in your face
All the ragers love my race, running down my lane
I love to see the sun shinin’ in your eye
Sati-sat-sati-sati-satisfy, let’s go
Come on mama, slap that mother on the road
You really got me humming, humming, humming, baby keep my motor running

All right
I say come on, baby, doin’ all it takes
Jerry Lee’s gonna that win that race
Come on baby, you know how to drive
Pop it, bump it, bump it, bump it, bump the overdrive, let’s go
Put it on the floor
My god you really got me humming, humming, baby won’t you keep my motor running?

Head-on, now
Thank you
Hank Williams wrote it, Hank Williams sung it, Jerry Lee Lewis, uh, got a gold record for it
Ninteen hundred and fifty-eight, just a couple of years ago

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