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June’s Sundown (by Carlene Carter)


Another day
As dropping westward, slipping away
Sounds of machines, motors, and men
Quieter now … less the din

Sundown, tally the pain
The laboring man welcomes the gray
Many a wife with a kiss at the door
A new lipstick not worn before.

Sundown, a turn of your wheel
A plowboy whistling, back from the field
Many a mother counts one day less
Till “someone” returns

A voice to repeat
What the silent heart said
I prayed for and received
“our daily bread”

Millions of hearts
Beat as one sound
In love’s perfection
Together at sundown

Mothers, shepherds
Count the table around
Thankful the lambs are all in
At Sundown

Sundown …
The desert,
The sand
Beginning to cool
The hot face it tanned
He gave me this day,
Allowed me to live
At every sundown
Thanks I give

So … listen!
And you will feel
Love universal
Personal real

Just drift with the tide
Released and unwind
Love at Sundown

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