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I’m Never Gonna Roam Again

From: The Legend


I’ve giving up on running off each time I want to go
Quite a change has come to slow me down
I’ve set aside an empty search for something always wrong
And I took the time to look around
I’ve wandered down some lonesome lines and slept beside the road
Turned my collar to a freezing wind
And I faced the day I lived alone and drank til I was dry
Giving up for gone down to the bone
But I don’t believe I’m ever going to roam,again
I traded all my promises on things that i can’t keep
Keep them with my back against the wall
Changed my mind so many times I don’t know where I stand
Lucky I can even stand at all
And I fool myself and no one else til daylight drove me home
Sleeping off outback the whole day long
And I don’t believe I’m ever gonna roam,again
Because everywhere a fool has been a fool has been there too
And I don’t believe I’m ever gonna roam,again

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