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I’m Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye


Songwriter: Hank Snow


I’ve got the blues, them mean old worries on my mind, I’m feeling sad
I’ve got the blues, lost the truest pal I’ve ever had
Can’t figure why, I only know I’m all alone and feeling bad

Don’t understand she left me here alone and didn’t tell me why
Another man must have won her lovin’ on the sly
But I’ll be fair, I’ll catch a shootin’ star and bid my blues goodbye

A rainy day is always followed by the sun up in the sky
So when you’re down you’ll find the silver lining if you try
But if you can’t then catch a shootin’ star and bid your blues goodbye

I’m gonna ride the milky way out where the moon is hangin’ low
I’m gonna leave my cares and worries with the world be low
I’m head in’ where I’ll never see my lovin’ baby’s face no more..

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