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I Got Stripes

From: I Got Stripes (single)
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[Verse 1]
On A Monday I Was Arrested (Uh Huh)
On A Tuesday They Locked Me In The Jail (Oh Boy)
On A Wednesday My Trial Was Attested
On A Thursday They Said Guilty And The Judge’s Gavel Fell

I Got Stripes – Stripes Around My Shoulders
I Got Chains – Chains Around My Feet
I Got Stripes – Stripes Around My Shoulders
And Them Chains – Them Chains They’re About To Drag Me Down

[Verse 2]
On A Monday My Momma Come To See Me
On A Tuesday They Caught Me With A File
On A Wednesday I’m Down In Solitary
On A Thursday I Start On Bread And Water For A While

[Chorus] [x2]

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