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Heavy Metal (Don’t Mean Rock And Roll To Me)


[Verse 1]
Somedays I think this old machine is out to get me
Somedays she does what I tell her
It’s like dancing with a widow-maker forty hours a week
I’m talking about a big old D-10 caterpillar

I don’t know why I like to drive them like I do
It isn’t nothing but a hundred seventy-five thousand pounds of steel
Could be the money babe, could be the power
Could be I love the way it feels
Could be I love the way it feels

[Verse 2]
But you know she’s mighty unforgiving then you gotta pay attention
Cause the D-10 can be the death of you
But I get her all fired up and I can feel it in my soul
And it’s hard to tell just who’s driving who
I can move Alaska all the way to Beirut
I can bulldoze a beeline from here to Peru
I can push the Rocky Mountains into the sea
You know Heavy metal don’t mean rock and roll to me
I’m like a modern day mule skinner driving ten thousand mules
So I say a little prayer every day
Lord just let me get her turned around
Without falling off this mountain
You know the boss man don’t like me treating his D-10 that way

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