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Goin’ By the Book


[Verse 1]
You can see it in the movies and the paper and the TV news
Somebody’s army is always on the move
There’s going to be a battle the lines have been drawn
They have got guns and tanks and planes
The wells are gone dry and the water is bad and the air is acid rain
There’s war after war and rumors of war from the east
There’s a rumbling in the ground and they are talking about the beast
Good mothers cry cause the rivers run high
With the blood of too many sons
Some people say peace is on the way
But the worst is still to come

Because the prophets wrote about it
And Jesus spoke about it
And John got to take a look
And he told us what he saw when it’s easy to see
It’s going by the book

[Verse 2]
There’s armies in the cities and the missiles stand ready for flight
A pale horse rides like the wind across the night
And that rumbling in the desert like thunder getting closer
Are the trumpet’s getting ready to blow
There’s going to be a shout that will wake the dead we better be ready to go


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