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‘Cause I Love You


I’ll sweep out your chimney
Yes and, I will bring you flowers
Yes and, I will do for you
Most anything you want me to
If we live in a cottage
You will feel like it’s a castle
By the royal way you’re treated
And attention shown to you
I’ll be there beside you
If you need a crying shoulder
Yes, and I’ll be there to listen
When you need to talk to me
When you wake up in the darkness
I will put my arms around you
And hold you till the morning sun
Comes shining through the trees

I’ll be right beside you
No matter where you travel
I’ll be there to cheer you
Till the sun comes shining through

If we’re ever parted
I will keep the tie that binds us
And I’ll never let it break
Cause I love you

[Verse 2]
I will bring you honey
From the bee tree in the meadow
And the first time there’s a rainbow
I’ll bring you a pot of gold
I’ll take all your troubles
And I’ll throw them in the river
Then I’ll bundle down beside you
And I’ll keep you from the cold



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