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Bull Rider

From: Silver


[Verse 1]
Well first you got to want to get off bad enough to wanna get on him in the first place
And you better trust in your lady luck
Pray to God that she don’t give up on you right now

Live fast, die young bull rider

[Verse 2]
One hand hold is all you got it’s you and the bull against the clock and a cross crowd
And once upon a spinning to nothing else you’ve ever done can pull this way
You’re just outside the bucking shoot
Lose a spur, you lose your seat and you lose yourself
By now he’s bucking mean and dirty
Slinging mud and cowboy boots and kicking clowns


[Verse 3]
You’ve got to feel the way he’s moving, you’ve got to watch his head
And brace yourself for anything that a friend of you might dread
You know the art of hanging loose, hanging just as tight
Well there’s something like a hurricane who’s dancing with the kite
Well, the rodeo is more than rough
It’s a fact of life it’s tough to cut his fever ass
It’s drinking beer and pulling trailers
Tighten may on barreled razors and horse’s buck

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