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[Verse 1]
Well the Bible tells about a man
Who ruled Babylon and all it’s land
Around the city he built a wall
And declared that Babylon would never fall
He had concubines and wives
He called his Babylon “Paradise”
Upon his throne he drank and ate
But for Belshazzer it was getting late

For he was weighed in the balance and found wanting
His kingdom was divided, couldn’t stand
He was weighed in the balance and found wanting
His houses were built upon the sand

[Verse 2]
Well the people feast and drank their wine
And praised the false gods of his time
All holy things were scorned and mocked
Suddenly all their mocking stopped
On the wall there appeared a hand
Nothing else, there was no man
In blood the hand began to write
And Belshazzar couldn’t hide his fright


[Verse 3]
Well no one around could understand
What was written by the mystic hand
Belshazzar tried but couldn’t find
A man who could give him piece of mind
Daniel the prophet, a man of God
He saw the writing on the wall in blood
Belshazzar asked him what it said
And Daniel turned to the wall and read


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