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Any Old Wind That Blows


Lord, she’s restless
Like cotton candy clouds that sail the day
Slow an’ free
And she possesses

A mind that can’t resign itself to stay
For long with me
Thought I’ve tried and tried to keep her tied and satisfied
Until she really needs me

Yes I do
But when that certain look comes on her face
I can’t replace it, and she leaves me

She’s a butterfly in mid July
Who just can’t wait to try her brand new wings
On brand new things
And she needs no rhyme or reason, when she goes
Her mind is on what lies beyond that wall of blue horizon
I suppose

And heaven knows
She’ll go sailing off on any old wind that blows
Yes she will, yes she will
She’ll go sailing off on any old wind that blows

I know she needs me
About as much as I need someone else
Which I don’t
And if need be

I swear someday I’ll up and leave myself
Which I won’t
Even if she loved another man, I’d understand it more than I do

Mmm, mmm, mmm
But I know the only reason
That she ever had for leaving, is she wants to

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