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An Old Fashioned Tree (feat. Lew DeWitt)


[Verse 1]
How I miss that old fashioned Christmas!
Carols being sung by the tree
Window’s candlelight shining bright for the whole world to see
Children’s eyes of sweet expectations
Wondering what each present will hold
Lying in their beds and impatient
On long Christmas eves of old
It used to be that all the family would gather for this one night
It used to be that special feeling shared together knowing Christmas was here one night a
How I miss that old fashioned Christmas!
Memories that last through the years
Call me sentimental; don’t mind if you do
I wish an old fashioned Christmas to [email protected]: at the end of a song
They tell me
Somewhere this life isn’t crazy
But I’ve travelled the world far and wide
And I say they’re wrong
Don’t sell me
Stories that music’s a lady
It’s not when the singer’s alone
At the end of a song

At the end of a song
There’s no one
After the last note is played
Only the memory stays
Then even that fades away
And there’s nothing so hard
As convincing your heart
That you should start singing again

[Verse 2]
You told me
Nothing could change perfect lovers
But like every promise you made
It broke before long
It’s lonely
Falling away from each other
But we’ve come to the last of your words
And the end of a song


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