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Ain’t Gonna Hobo No More


[Verse 1]
Well here I am, a hobo with my hobo’s pots and pans
In an Alberta rail yard with my red-faced hobo friends

Here comes a train east bound for Nova Scotia shore
It’s my last ride my friends aren’t going to hobo anymore

[Verse 2]
So long BC Benning, you have been a real good friend
And goodbye Boxcar Willie, I guess I won’t see you again


[Verse 3]
No one loves a hobo and I need some love
Yes I’m always so hungry and I never get enough
And no one wants a hobo hanging round their doors


[Verse 4]
There’s a man in Halifax that will give this bum a job
I’ll use the money to find a woman I can love

[Chorus] [x 2]

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