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A Half A Mile A Day


[Verse 1]
One night after a concert
I walked through the streets of the town
And came upon a little church
The service was over but the testimonials had just begun
People caught up in the spirit of the night
Just didn’t want to leave
So I stepped inside the door
And sat down by a little old lady in the back
A man stood up in front and said
I just want all of you to know that
I’m going straight to heaven as fast as I can go
Like an arrow shot from a bow and he sat down
Another man stood up and said
I’m sailing right straight into heaven
Like a giant clipper ship, sailing on a sea of blue
And nothing’s going to deter me or keep me from that safe harbor
He sat down and another man stood up and said
I’m flying into the portals of heaven on silver wings
Sailing over all the troubles and trials down below
Straight on in and he sat down
The little lady beside me made it to her feet slowly
And all got quiet as she raised her face
Not to the preacher or the congregation
But toward heaven and prayerfully said
I’m coming, Lord for my heavenly reward
I’m on my way to You, can You see me coming through
Through clouds of persecution and stumbling on the way
But I expect I’m making about a half a mile a day

The road to Heaven doesn’t have a rapid transit plan
It’s one way with no changes going to the promised land
But I believe that if I’ll heed the things He had to say
Even I might get to Heaven at a half a mile a day

[Verse 2]
Lord, when I let You lead, I don’t make any speed
Because I have to stop and touch the ones who need so much
And then sometimes others pull me off of Your narrow way
And by my mistakes I barely make a half a mile a day


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